She's Dating The Gangster

 She's Dating The Gangster is written by SGwannabe a few years ago (2007-2008)
It all started when a 17 years old lady named Athena Dizon moved to Philippines once again after staying at Korea for almost 10 years. She was waiting for her brother (SangMin Oppa or Nathan Dizon) in MSN and a guy with a username I am Sushi MSN her and texts her on her cellphone. At the first day of school the world is so small that Athena and this sushi guy met. Kenji Delos Reyes (sushi guy) got the wrong email and phone number because he thought it was Athena Abigail Tizon's (his ex-girlfriend) email and phone number. Kenji asks  Athena to be his fake girlfriend so she can have Athena Abigail back.

What would Athena say to him? Would they fall in love to each other? What would happen?
Better the She's Dating The Gangster!